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Brilliant builders deserve the best in class scaffolding, that’s why we’ve invested heavily in the state of the art Layher Lightweight, German engineered, British built.

We use Layher Allround® Scaffolding which is highly versatile. The Allround Connector, which features a ‘rosette’ welded onto the upright component can safely and securely accommodate eight individual connections. With Layher Allround, support scaffold can be put up quickly and economically for the safe transmission of loads.

We employ Part 1 and Part 2 scaffolders who are fully trained and experienced in scaffold build and safety.

Mitchell & Urwin Scaffolders

Reasons we love it:

  • Product innovation making scaffolding safer
  • Their professional approach sits in line with our company values
  • Speed of build
  • Layher scaffolding system can go around the simple square houses to the more complex difficult squint and staggered housetypes seamlessly
  • Layher is very easy to adapt when a plot is in build for example making walkways, plot access and shared gables etc
  • Drawings and calculations – our technical team provide our Scaffold workforce with plot specific working drawings for each house type
  • Layher is a market leader in system scaffolds, their wealth of experience and support is second to none

We also supply and fit TRAD Deck safety fall arrest systems for any build project.

  • Protectic
  • Scaffolding Waste Shoot
  • Scaffolding on new development with chained shoot
  • Scaffolding at front of new build development
  • Scaffolding, close up of post supports
  • Scaffolding on new housing development