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Beautiful homes demand beautiful features, with our bespoke manufacturing capabilities we create cast stone and brick specials on demand, straight from our own brickyard.

As demand for our high quality brick specials and building components grew, we quickly expanded into larger premises. We now have a team of staff dedicated to creating and cutting an extensive range of bricks, block and artificial cast stone.

Our top of the range machinery, exceptional environmentally friendly standards, highly skilled workforce and our ability to deliver anywhere in the UK quickly and efficiently are just some of the reasons we stand head and shoulders above anyone else. But the number one reason clients come back to us time after time is that we are relentless about keeping them happy. We will do whatever it takes to fulfil your order on time, on spec and at the highest quality.

The team

We have an amazing team of people in our Brickyard, many of whom entered the brickwork business straight from school and via programs we have sponsored. We have a culture for youth development by training and apprenticeship, creating jobs for young individuals joining our team and giving them the skills to take their career forward, to prosper and grow. We are passionate about the people we employ because they are passionate about the work they do.

We rely on our team of trusted specialists to work on various site based developments at any one time, and this agility means we are often the number one choice for many of the nations major developers.


We continue to invest in the latest technology to ensure we can cut large quantities of brick and stone with complete precision in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Our water jet cutting combined with Autocad means we can create any design you require. If you can design it, we can cut it. The laser water jet machine lets us cut to 1000th of a millimetre for ultimate precision. It also ensures each product is identical, without flaws. And it cuts down on waste and dust, while laser sensors ensure the safety of our staff.

Our masonry saws have the capacity to cut a substantial volume of bricks. By cutting the bricks in our brickyard, we cut down on accidents on site, reduce dust pollution and provide greater precision.


Being an environmentally friendly company is hugely important to us. By using our Brickyard for cutting, we have reduced the amount of waste generated on our building sites by over 60%. We reuse any off cuts or waste wherever possible. We control dust emissions through the use of water suppression and fine dust processors on all our machines, and we filter and recycle this water to reduce our overall consumption. Our modern fleet of delivery vehicles are fuel efficient and regularly serviced, while our deliveries are planned to maximise loads to reduce the number of journeys and mileage needed.

We also use the PHS waste baler, our machines form a key part of our waste management strategy they help us to be greener and work in an environmentally friendly way.


Our fleet of delivery vehicles, ranging from artic to 7.5 tonne lorries, ensures we deliver your products exactly when you need them. All of your products are picked, packed and individually labelled per plot so there is no confusion on site. We can also collect your materials from your supplier on your behalf. Our entire process makes it easy, professional and glitch free. You get your products whenever you need them to fulfil site demands. We’ll work to your timeline.

  • Manufacturing Stone
  • Manufacturing Stone

Our Products

We produce vast quantities of products with the aid of our in house technologies and call off systems. All of our products are CE marked to meet the legal requirements of European Conformity standards. They are also Kitemarked, which means they have been tested and meet the British Industry Standard.

Gable cuts, angle cuts & brick slips

Any bricks or blocks requiring precision cutting can be supplied using our high precision saws utilising clean recycled water. Gable cuts are the most common example but we also cut other internal and external angles as well as squint bricks and brick slips.

Cut & bonds

These are special shaped bricks or blocks that are manufactured from standard bricks and blocks, using a cut and bonded method. The cutting process involves our high precision saws and clean recycled water. Bonding involves the use of a two-part epoxy resin.

Voussoir heads & brick arches

Voussoir heads & cills are produced from brick slips cut using our specialist in house precision technology. These brick effect products are then pointed pre-delivery or post installation in line with BBA certification.

Cast stone or artificial stone (artstone)

Architectural designs can be reproduced to create a wide range of decorative features – enhance new buildings or match natural stonework.

We produce a large range of high standard cast stone products including:

  • Cills
  • Copings
  • Balustrading
  • Corbels
  • Gable Vents
  • Heads & Keystones
  • Pier Caps
  • Window Surrounds
  • Quoins
  • Finials
  • Bulls Eyes