Mitchell & Urwin

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Richard Urwin

Managing Director

Richard Urwin, Managing Director oversees the entire business and takes the lead on client relationships and collaborative working across the business. Richard is deeply invested in understanding the requirements of clients to ensure their needs are met. Richard has a real passion for construction having worked in this industry since he started a bricklaying apprenticeship aged 16. Richard formed Mitchell & Urwin in 1996 and has been running the business in Yorkshire to the Company it is today.

Susan Urwin

Commercial Director

Susan Urwin, Commercial Director oversees the entire business and has specific responsibility for developing and implementing commercial strategies in line with company goals and objectives. In 1992 Susan trained to be a Chartered Accountant in London working in management and financial leadership with blue chip companies in Scotland, London and Yorkshire. Susan brings a wealth of experience and drives continuous improvement to the company she set up with Richard.

Matt Smith

Construction Manager

Matt Smith, Construction Manager manages all new superstructure work with responsibility for Health & Safety on site whilst delivering a high-quality build to client programme deadlines. Matt trained as a bricklayer when he left school and has worked in the construction industry fulfilling many roles. Matt completed formal CIOB Site Management training in 2017. Matt brings an enormous amount of on-site build experience, health & safety good practice and excellent people management skills to the team.

Aldis Keiris

Operations Manager

Aldis Keiris, Operations Manager runs the manufacturing and logistics for the company from our Ferrybridge location as well as undertaking responsibilities for the technician team on site. Aldis joined the company in 2012, during this time he has been adaptive and has proven to be an outstanding leader. His work commitment is exceptional, and he always leads his workforce from the front.

Mark Jones

Scaffold Manager

Mark Jones, Scaffold Manager has full responsibility for the management of the scaffolding sector within the business. The provision of scaffolding to our clients provides an immense synergy with the superstructure build. Mark has a wealth of experience in scaffolding and has vast in-depth knowledge of the scaffolding system he introduced to Mitchell & Urwin. Mark possesses excellent team building skills and brings great enthusiasm and positivity to all aspects of his work and to the company overall.

Glen Swales

Technical Development Manager

Glen Swales joined our team as Technical Development Manager in 2020. He specialises in technical build, quality control, and training and development of site management teams. Glen has also taken a lead role in the Technical Department in Mitchell & Urwin. Glen has worked in the construction industry in various management roles and was also an NHBC inspector for many years. He is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of technical build, building standards and health & safety.