In 2015 we set up the Mitchell & Urwin Apprentice Academy to help skill up the next generation of bricklayers. Since then, we’ve recruited 49 bricklaying apprentices. In 2017 we won the CITB Apprentice SME Employer Award for the whole of the UK, proving that our programme is leading the way for the building industry.

What is our Apprentice Academy?

The M&U Apprentice Academy offers a bespoke up to four-year apprentice framework to help you gain on-site bricklaying experience while you get your college diploma and NVQ on a day or block release programme. You can join straight from school, midway through your college tuition or once you’ve completed your course. We can tailor your apprenticeship needs to our framework.

Throughout the apprenticeship you are paired with an apprenticeship partner – your first two-and-one gang – and a mentor who will work side by side with you as you master your trade, giving unparalleled levels of continuity and support.

Our Apprentice Academy has been designed by us with the help of the CITB and an HR consultant to ensure it is of the highest possible standard. Our apprentice mentors have also undergone Mentor Training by the National Construction College: Understanding and Motivating your Apprentice. This CITB training course and in-house coaching ensures they have the skills to teach and encourage you as you learn the bricklaying trade.

At the end of your apprenticeship, you will have achieved an NVQ Level 3 qualification in bricklaying and have significant workplace skills and experience. We offer a far longer than the industry-standard period of site experience to build your confidence and skills. Once you’re fully qualified, we strive to offer you a permanent role with Mitchell and Urwin or our clients.

If you show potential and have dreams of becoming a site or construction manager, we will help you get there.

At a glance: What you get as an Apprentice Bricklayer
  • up to a four-year apprentice framework
  • on-site bricklaying experience while attending college on a day or block release programme
    college is funded by the CITB
  • you can join straight from school, midway through college or once your course is completed
  • you are paired with an apprentice partner – you first two-and-one gang
  • you have a dedicated mentor who will work side by side with you for unparalleled levels of continuity and support
  • branded work clothing and tools of the trade
  • ongoing group training sessions covering issues like safety
  • weekly wages based on minimum wage for your age
  • the offer of a permanent role with Mitchell & Urwin or at a client
  • the opportunity to fulfil your ambition to become a site manager, quantity surveyor or architect if you show the aptitude
Is it for you?

Our apprenticeship academy is perfect for you if:

  • you love to work outdoors
  • you like to see the results of your hard work at the end of each day
  • you want each day to be different
  • you like to feel pride in the work you do
  • you’re driven, committed and passionate
  • you’re a team player with good communication skills
  • you have achieved A to C grades in English and Maths
  • you want to have great earning potential
  • you potentially want a stepping stone into a bigger role in the building industry
  • you like flexible hours, working on average 39 hours a week
  • you live in Yorkshire (all of our build sites are in Yorkshire)
How to apply
  • You can submit your CV at any time by sending it to
  • Candidates will be invited for interviews in June
  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an assessment day in July, which typically involves presentations by industry figures, a skills test and a practical bricklaying exercise
  • Candidates will be selected in late July
  • Induction day will take place in August where you will meet your fellow apprentices, meet your mentor, be given various training talks, complete paperwork and get given your branded work wear and kit.
  • On site work experience commences with your mentor in August
  • College commences in September
  • Apprentice placements are paid positions


Meet Mitchell & Urwin apprentices

‘‘It is a brilliant apprenticeship and a great opportunity. The Mentors have really helped me and are keen for me to develop and become a good bricklayer.  There is always help there if I need it, so there’s nothing else I would ask for.” Bradley Hopwood

“The Mitchell & Urwin Academy is amazing! They’ve gone beyond what I expected as a company.  When I first started all my tools and PPE were given to me and they made me feel really welcome. Being the only female there on induction day was pretty daunting but Richard, Susan, Helen and Lisa helped me settle in and treated me as part of the team.” Beth Skinner


Meet Matt Smith – Head of our Apprenticeship Academy

Matt is one of our Senior Contracts Managers. He looks after our Apprenticeship Academy, supporting both our apprentices and our mentors. He’s the friendly face you can turn to if you have any questions.