We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the way we operate. Which is why we are investing in a range of new technology that automates repetitive procedures to improve productivity and efficiency across the organisation.

It means better planning, less wastage, reduced stress and big time savings. And on high pressure builds with tight deadlines, this can make all the difference.

Timesheet system

Running at our Brickyard,  our timesheet system calculates the shifts each employee has worked. It uses contactless cards and a finger print reader to authenticate employees. The timesheet data is passed automatically to the finance team and payroll system. This ensures our staff are paid accurately and on time.

Tender system

This simplifies the tender and quotations system. We input the data for a client house type. It automatically calculates costs and materials, massively speeding up the tender process. Once the tender is accepted it becomes a plot programme, which generates call offs to the Brickyard for just in time manufacturing. The system gives us better visibility of site progress or delays. Plus it handles payment and invoice generation.

Brickyard system

Used by our Brickyard employees, it automatically orders and groups jobs by priority and type, allowing our team to concentrate on manufacturing, not paperwork.

Sub-contractors portal

With a huge team of sub-contractors, this system makes it easy for our sub-contractors to upload their qualifications and relevant information, ensuring we know if any qualifications need updating. It’s also used to share new policies and training with our sub-contractors.

Contract managers system

Using tablets, our contract managers can instantly access the details of each site and plot including contacts, up to date drawings, tasks due, assigned sub-contractors and plot progress. They can request quotations for extra works or notify the team of any snags direct from the site.