We are – at our heart – bricklayers and stonemasons, a down-to-earth Yorkshire team who knows the meaning of hard graft, delivering on promises and doing whatever it takes to do the job right.

But we’re more than that.

We’re forward thinkers. While our roots are firmly bedded in old-fashioned values of trust, pride and hard work, we’re constantly innovating to provide the best quality craftsmanship using the latest technology and environmentally friendly practices.

Our difference?
We think like homeowners.

‘What would I want in this new home?’
‘Would I be happy to live in this house?’
‘How would I feel if my completion date got pushed back?’

From our company founder right through to our apprentices, we put ourselves in the shoes of our clients’ customers so that we don’t just deliver, we exceed expectations.

No matter what we do for you, you can expect clear communications, commitment, consistency, complete reliability and exceptional quality.

We’re a family. And we’d like you to be part of it. Whether you are one of Britain’s leading house builders in need of a partner to help build your homes; or a bricklayer, stonemason or apprentice looking for work, we’d love to talk.

Find out about what we do or how you can join us.

Our Story

Richard Urwin knew he wanted to be a bricklayer aged 14. Defying his father’s wishes to become a joiner, he got a bricklayer apprenticeship aged 16 and never looked back. In 1994, Richard joined Adrian Mitchell’s two-and-one bricklaying gang. A year later, the two saw an opportunity to have other bricklayers working for them. In 1996 Mitchell and Urwin was officially formed.

Supported by Richard’s wife Susan, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes while keeping down a fulltime job as a corporate accountant and being a mother to young children, the company grew from a start up to a growing name in the building industry. After Adrian Mitchell left the business in 2003, Richard and Susan continued to believe they could make a difference in the building sector. They have gone on to build what is now the largest stone and brickwork specialist company in Yorkshire.

Mitchell and Urwin currently serves most of the large residential homebuilders in the region. We have grown into an extensive team of staff, consultants and contractors. We have our own Brickyard for the manufacture of stone and brick specials and a team of quantity surveyors and finance staff who ensure that day-to-day operations run efficiently and professionally.

We continue to innovate, investing in industry-leading technology and systems, rigorous health and safety procedures and unmatched customer service.

Our people make Mitchell and Urwin different. Every single one of us believes in what we do. This shared dedication, sense of ownership and pride in our work is why our clients choose us to get projects completed on time, to the highest possible standards, every time.

We have a growing team of employees, consultants and sub-contractors, many of whom are lifelong friends. They support each other – the same way we support you.

Read our staff profiles to get a feel for what we’re like.