Our founder Richard Urwin is constantly looking for improvement. After years on building sites he realised how often stone cills were damaged during the building process.


As he so often does, he asked himself:  ‘How could this be better?’

The result? Protectic

This patent pending design helps protect stone cills during the construction process. The simple clip on design made of PVC is simple to use and saves thousands in repair and restoration work.

Protectic comes in multiple sizes, varying widths and different shapes. They are white labelled so that our clients can add their own logo or livery to match their corporate brand on site. In future we will be expanding the Protectic range to provide protection for a broader variety of crafted stone items on building sites.

Protectic can be delivered anywhere in the UK. To find out more about our stone cill protection please contact us.

‘As a builder, Mitchell and Urwin’s Protectic product makes my life so much easier. They’re simple to fit, they stop the stonework getting broken or damaged during a build, and they’re easy to keep clean as the gobo doesn’t stick to them. They’re brilliant!’

John Thistlewood, builder

‘Protectic is a fantastic product that has saved us money and time. They protect stonework - like cills - during a build, which means we don’t have to spend man-hours repairing them. They’re quick and easy to fit and they also look great, particularly as we are able to put our Taylor Wimpey logo onto them, lending our build sites great kerb appeal. I can thoroughly recommend them.’

Darren Howell, Production Director, Taylor Wimpey Yorkshire