New environmentally-friendly baler for our brickyard

mitchell & urwin balerWe pride ourselves on how environmentally friendly our Brickyard is. And now we’ve made it even better!

We recently invested in a baler for compressing waste plastic and cardboard. It’s remarkable how much packaging is generated from brick pallets. We were filling one large skip each week, before it was carted off to landfill.

With our new baler, we can compress our cardboard and plastic waste so that we now only fill a skip every three weeks, and it can all go to recycling facilities.

This has been a great addition to our already very environmentally friendly brickyard. We’ve reduced waste on build sites by 60% by keeping all our cutting and stone work at the yard. Any off cuts are recycled and turned into building blocks if possible.

We reduce dust emissions by using water suppression on the machines and we recycle the water to reduce our overall water consumption. Even our new IT system has moved us towards our goal of being a paperless environment. And it goes without saying that we have a fuel-efficient fleet of delivery vehicles and use energy efficient lighting.

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