M&U invest in high end printers for easier on site product identification

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Build sites are busy places. It’s easy for products and materials to get misplaced if they’re not clearly identified.  But even when products are clearly labelled, the labels can become weatherworn and faded over time. We wanted to find a solution to this problem, here is how we solved this sticky problem.

Labels might seem like a little thing when building an entire housing development, but without clear labelling, mistakes can be made, costs run up and schedules are delayed. We needed two different types of labels: a small label that goes directly onto products and a larger label for goods on a pallet. We needed labels that didn’t fade, come unstuck or rip, and that could show off our branding well.

We called in the services of IML. After a visit from Richard Gardner, IML sales manager, to our Brickyard to see the labelling challenges we faced, it was agreed that we needed an ultra-heavy duty label that wouldn’t be affected by the weather or the rugged nature of building products.

IML has an extensive product range to offer but it was their Mattrans Extreme labels which served our needs best.  Brick and stone are difficult surfaces to get a label to stick to and we had experienced problems with labels falling off in the past which is a major headache for us as identification, traceability and dimensions are so important. We opted for IML’s Mattrans Extreme labels, thermal transfer printers and premium thermal transfer ribbons so that we could achieve a reliable labelling solution.

In June, we had the new printers installed at our Brickyard  in the four departments of cutting, voussoirs, artstone and Cuts & Bonds.  This was a significant investment for us but we are really pleased with the results to date.  Small labels are now stuck on all products for identification purposes. Once installed on a build, the labels are removed. Two larger A4 size labels are applied to each pallet clearly showing the plot and site for the product, as well as detailing the product contained therein.

Our investment in these printers is just another example of how we are determined to make sure the little things work so that we provide the most professional service possible to our customers.