Mitchell & Urwin offsets carbon footprint with Ecopoints

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As a leading building contractor, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We’re pleased to announce one more initiative we are undertaking to ensure we do all we can to offset our carbon footprint. Mitchell & Urwin has signed up to an initiative by The Fuelcard company, which is run in conjunction with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT).

What is it?

EcoPoint from The Fuelcard company is a simple way to reduce our company’s carbon footprint. We already have fuel cards for all of our 39 vehicles. Every month we pay an optional fee per vehicle. This money goes to the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, who in turn buys and plants trees on our behalf. We can’t get away from having to drive to our building sites, but at least now we know that each month every vehicle is helping to pay for more trees to be planted.

Our contributions will go towards planting 100,000 trees over the next five years.

As members of the scheme, we also get access to improved journey planning through SatNav, fuel saving tips to improve MPG and CO2 emissions, and ongoing advice to create an even greener transport plan.

How else are we eco-friendly?

  • We work with all our major contractors to meet their environmental policies and comply with their site environmental rules
  • We have reduced waste on site by over 60% by using our Brickyard facilities for the cutting of bricks and blocks
  • We reduce dust emissions at the Brickyard through water suppression on all machines
  • We recycle this water to reduce overall consumption
  • We have a modern fleet of vehicles that are fuel efficient and regularly serviced
  • We plan our deliveries to reduce the number of journeys done
  • We use energy efficient lighting and maximise insulation
  • We implement controls on all of our sites to reduce the potential for pollution of land, air or water
  • We strive for a virtually paperless office thanks to our new IT systems

Find out more about our Environmental approach here.