Mitchell & Urwin founders attend Royal Garden Party

It’s not often you get an invitation like this in your mailbox:

Richard and Susan Urwin, husband and wife founders of Mitchell & Urwin, were delighted to be invited to the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace on 15 May 2018. The couple were invited as a gesture of thanks for the huge contribution the company makes towards bringing on the next generation of builders through its Apprentice Academy.

Every year the Queen hosts three Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace and one at the Palace of Holyrood in Scotland, to recognise people from all walks of life who have made a positive impact in their community. It is a great honour to be asked along with so many very worthwhile individuals who are helping others across a range of industries and initiatives.

Guests are selected by a long established network of sponsors who include Lord-Lieutenants, Societies and Associations, Government Departments, Local Government, the Services, the Church and other Faiths. You can only get admittance to a Garden Party by being nominated by one of these sponsors. Mitchell & Urwin was put forward by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) for its ongoing investment in its apprentice programme, including company winning the CITB SME Apprentice Employer Award in 2017. 

Some fun facts about Garden Parties

  • Each year The Queen welcomes over 30,000 guests to the parties
  • At each party, around 27,000 cups of tea are drunk and approximately 20,000 sandwiches and 20,000 slices of cake are consumed
  • Garden Parties were originally set up to replace the presentation of debutantes to society
  • The Palace gates are opened around 3pm but the party only officially begins when The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh and other Royal Family members enter the garden at 4pm
  • The National Anthem is played by one of two military bands present
    Susan and Richard Urwin Queens Garden Party

    Susan and Richard Urwin outside Buckingham Palace

    Susan and Richard Urwin Queens Garden Party

    Susan and Richard attending the Garden Party

Queen Elizabeth Garden Party

Her Majesty the Queen

Well done Richard and Susan for this honour and all the great work you do for young people in the building industry.  Find out more about our Apprentice Academy here.