Mitchell & Urwin cast stone products achieve BSI Kitemark accreditation


On 29 June 2017, Dan Temple, Brickyard controller and Nick Moore, Brickyard team leader visited the BSI offices in Milton Keynes to accept the BSI certificate for Mitchell & Urwin cast stone products. It was the culmination of what has been a long journey to achieving this sought after accreditation.

At Mitchell & Urwin, we have always taken great pride in making cast stone products of exceptional quality. But we wanted to go a step further to assure our clients that it wasn’t just us saying that. In 2015, we began the British Safety Institute (BSI) accreditation process.

This is a rigorous undertaking that doesn’t just look at product quality, but the entire management process behind the making of products. Everything from how products are ordered to the way they’re dispatched, plus the actual manufacture and quality of the cast stone products is scrutinised.

After developing our management systems, we implemented strict volumetric measurement controls ensuring that all ingredients used are weighed and measured exactly. Even the mixing times were standardised. All of these small changes resulted in an even stronger stone.

The end products were then put through rigorous tests checking strength and capillary absorption, where the volume of water absorbed by the stone is limited to microscopic amounts.

Our first assessment was done in August 2016, with several follow up assessments. We are proud to say that we were awarded the BSI Kitemark for all our cast stone products in February 2017. This includes our cills, heads, corbels, stringcourse, pillar caps, copings, mullions and gable vents. Receiving the certificate on 29 June was the final step in the journey.

Mitchell & Urwin Brickyard Controller Dan Temple oversaw the process and had this to say after achieving the accreditation: ‘The team is over the moon to have achieved this. The lads put a lot of hard work into making these products to the exacting standards required. We’re a very determined lot in the Brickyard and we were absolutely going to make this work. We were very happy to adapt, tweak and change the way we operate so that the end result is the BSI accreditation. Our clients have always been confident in our products. This certification reinforces their belief in us.”

He continued: “The actual presentation day was amazing and very professional. We rubbed shoulders with some of the country’s top health and safety companies and it was hugely satisfying to know that we were in such great company.”

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