Our values aren't just words on a piece of paper. They are the things we do as a team every single day. They're reflected in our work, our results and our people.

Our vision

To be the class leading stone and brickwork specialists in the UK, focused on innovation, making the complex seem simple.

To be the benchmark that others aspire to.

We value
  • Teamwork and trust
  • Quality and craftsmanship
  • Passion and perseverance
  • Responsive and ready
  • Family and friendly
We believe

In the pursuit of excellence, doing whatever it takes to deliver customer satisfaction in the planning, execution and craftsmanship of building.

Our positioning

We help build the big, the small and the exceptional. Our clients are Britain’s leading house builders who expect quality and consistency. We work with main contractors, small to medium enterprises, building suppliers, bricklayers and stonemasons.

Our difference

We thrive at the intersection of craftsmanship and technology. We are pioneers in our field, creating innovative processes to increase productivity with digital planning and project management. We use the latest technologies to minimise dust and waste creating a cleaner, safer environment for our clients and workforce. We do all this whilst maintaining a quality of handcrafted workmanship and precision in masonry and construction.

Our promise

We promise to deliver an exceptional customer experience from account management through to resource supply and handcrafted construction. We will work diligently with integrity and honesty – sometimes around the clock – to deliver on time.