As a leading building contractor, we recognise our responsibilities and legal duty of care to the environment.

But it goes beyond that. We genuinely want to make a difference. Here’s how:
Environmental Policies

We work with all major contractors in meeting the objectives of their Environmental Policies and comply with their site environmental rules and procedures.

Waste Reduction

The amount of waste generated on site has been reduced by over 60% by using the facilities at our Brickyard. Most cutting of bricks and blocks and formation of bespoke stone work is carried out at the Brickyard with very little waste generated. Any off cuts or other waste generated are re-cycled and turned into building blocks where possible.

Reduced dust emissions

Emissions of dust at the Brickyard are controlled by water suppression on all machines.

Recycled water

The water used for dust suppression is filtered and recycled to reduce overall consumption.

Fuel efficient fleet

We have a modern fleet of vehicles that are fuel efficient and are regularly serviced.  Deliveries from the Brickyard are planned to maximise loads and reduce the number of journeys and also to incorporate good route planning to reduce overall mileage.

Energy efficient

Where practicable, energy reduction measures are implemented in all our buildings including installation of energy efficient lighting and maximising insulation.

Pollution reduction

Controls are implemented on all sites to reduce the potential for pollution of land, air or water.  We are striving to be a virtually paperless office thanks to the implementation of our new IT systems